Water Heaters – Tank & Tankless Systems

J&S Services is available for all of your hot water needs with gas and electric water heaters and tankless hot water systems. Our water heater pros can provide repairs and new water heater installations for you.

Get Your Hot Water Today

If you’re looking to enjoy hot water today, hire us. We offer 24 hour service for repairs, installations, and replacements for your hot water heaters. As a local company, you can trust our team to be on-time, every time.

Save Energy with Your New System

We carry the latest water heaters for new installation and replacement. You can choose the best system to fit your family’s needs and enjoy optimum energy efficiency which brings lower running costs and reduced environmental impact. We will also provide comparative estimates on tankless hot water systems as an alternative.

Repairs for All Brands, All Models

We provide repairs and maintenance to all brands and models of electric hot water heaters and can easily diagnose the problem to provide a quick service, saving you time and money. Additionally, we can perform periodic hot water safety inspections to check for leaks, rust, and temperature and pressure issues.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters provide energy efficient hot water for your home or business. You can depend on us for professional advice to find the right tankless system for your needs.

The Benefits of Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Some of the benefits of a tankless hot water heater include, but are not limited to:

  • Lower running costs – tankless heaters use less energy because they only heat water when needed
  • Never-ending hot water – tankless systems produce hot water for as long as you want
  • Reduced environmental impact – energy efficiency reduces the system’s impact on the environment
  • Space-saving – no tank means less space is used up in your home
  • Great warranties – tankless systems aren’t prone to rust or leaks which give them an expected lifetime that exceeds tank systems

Friendly & Helpful Advice on Your Hot Water Heaters

J&S Services can answer all your hot water heater questions. Whether you’re considering a tank system or a tankless one, we can offer advice on what system fits your property. Call for a no obligation estimate and let us size your home or business for a hot water system that works best.

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