Exterior Waterproofing

Waterproofing the exterior foundation walls will preserve the structural integrity of your foundation and eliminates the amount of deterioration of your foundation walls. It stops water seepage and moisture in a basement which eliminates musty odors and other allergies.

Don’t let a leaky basement destroy your priceless belongings and decrease the value of your home. Contact the experts at JS Home Services to provide you with an estimate for waterproofing your home.

Internal Waterproofing

An internal waterproofing system is used for many reasons, for example, when the exterior foundation wall is not accessible. If exterior waterproofing is not in your budget, then interior waterproofing can be quick solution to leaks caused by foundation cracks.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a mechanical device and does require maintenance to keep it running healthy to prevent a wet basement. Services including periodic maintenance, backup upgrades, and repairs to all makes and models of sump pumps are available from JS Home Services. We can help keep your existing sump pump system in proper working order with preventative maintenance programs and advice on battery backup options to help protect your home from flooding.

Get sound advice from us on the best sump pump system. JS Home Services is fully licensed, insured, and experienced with handling common sump pump issues and installations.

Foundation Cracks

A foundation crack can occur for many reasons. Poor construction, soil condition/settlements, and act of god, any of these can cause stress on a foundation wall. Repairing a crack depends on the type of foundation wall and cause of the crack.

Interior waterproofing can be helpful in preventing leaks, but the better approach is exterior waterproofing, although it’s more expensive because it requires excavating around the exterior of your home for the installation of a drainage membrane and a weeping tile. By making the initial investment in exterior waterproofing, you ensure there will not be another leak in the future.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement floods can be every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Let JS help you ensure you never have to deal with this nightmare. Basement waterproofing is the best way to prevent floods and damage in your basement.

Basement waterproofing can be best described as the most effective method of channeling water from the outside and preventing any leaks in the basement walls and flooring.

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