Protect the Quality of Your Water

Ensure the quality of your water with solutions from J&S Services. With our free water testing inspection, our experts can test and analyze the water of your home or business. Let us give you an accurate estimate of your drinking water’s quality.

How Is the Quality of Your Water?

Your water often contains a range of contaminants which can change its taste and odour. In more serious cases, contaminants can cause potential long-term health issues. Your tap water may contain anything from metal compounds to arsenic and fertilizers. In extreme situations, harmful micro-organisms may be found.

Finding the Right Water Treatment for You

J&S Services provides a variety of water treatment solutions including:

  • Whole home filtration
  • Purification
  • UV lamps

A UV light provides an alternative method to chlorine for your water’s germ control. The UV method leaves no taste or odour. With our inspection, J&S Services can help customize a water treatment solution that meets all your water quality needs.

Free Analysis of Your Water Quality

Schedule a free analysis of your current water quality with J&S Services. We can answer your questions about the various water treatment systems available and even show you which systems have the best warranties and on-going costs. If you choose J&S Services for your water treatment installation, we can provide you with a full, no obligations estimate in advance.

Water Softener Systems & Their Benefits

J&S Services provides water softeners. Water softening systems improve the effectiveness of your purification systems and remove lime scale buildup. With a water softener, you will find it makes cleaning sinks and showers easier, provides more luxurious shower and bath lathers, lets you use less detergent in washes, and prolongs the lifespan of your water-using appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

Have a question about your water quality? Would you like to install a new treatment system? Contact J&S Services for a free water testing inspection.

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