Water Treatment & Purification Systems

For fresh, clean water, J&S Services offers water treatment solutions for homes and businesses. We’re a locally authorized Kinetico® dealer, offering a full range of water treatment products to meet your needs.

Common Water Problems


Contaminants can occur in your water as a result of extreme weather, spring snow melts, and run-off from agriculture activities. Even boiling water may not be enough to ensure it is safely contaminate-free. That’s why water treatment solutions like UV water disinfection can help.

Bad Tasting/Smelly Water

TDS or total dissolved solids like hydrogen sulphide, iron, and other similar chemicals in your water may cause a rotten egg, fishy, or chlorine odour in your water. A water treatment system like carbon filters, reverse osmosis, or water softening can remove bad smells and tastes.

High Iron Content

Excess iron in your water can lead to rust stains on your fixtures and clothing. J&S Services can provide specific water treatment systems to combat those red rust stains, saving you time and money on cleaning.

Acid Stains Is acidic water causing your pipes to leak? If your tap water contains acid, you will find green-blue stains on your fixtures and surfaces. The blue-green stain is an indication that the copper in your pipes is being eaten away by acid.

Hard Water Spots

Hard water spots are caused by the buildup of minerals in your water. These hard water spots can be found on your glassware, shower doors, fixtures, clothes, and more. A water softener can be used to remove these harmful minerals.

Water Treatment Systems Available from J&S Services

As a Kinetico® dealer, J&S Services can offer the following water treatment systems:

Water Softening Systems

A water softener can combat the high level of minerals, like calcium and magnesium, in your water. J&S Services offers environmentally-friendly water softeners that use less water and salt.

Water Purification Systems

Water filtration produces better-tasting water and can reduce contaminants like chlorine which causes bad odours, sediments and rust which cause discolouration, and lead, mercury, and other metals. Common water purification systems include carbon filters, household UV light systems, and reverse osmosis.

Drinking Water Systems

Protect your drinking water from chemical and biological contaminants with drinking water systems. Whether municipal water or well water, we have systems available to provide your family with fresh, clean, and great-tasting water without worry.

Specialty Water Filtration

Most water filtration systems are designed to remove issues like cloudy water, rust or blue-green stains, or rotten egg smells. However, we can install one or more systems in your home or business for a more custom filtration. Contact J&S Services to discuss all your water filtration needs.

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