Sewer Backups and Repairs

A sewer backup is a serious matter. It may indicate a bad clog or even a break in your sewer line, and it affects the plumbing throughout your home or business until it can be repaired. Call JS Home Services for sewer repairs you can depend on.

Common warning signs of a sewer backup include water backing up through a drain or in your toilet plumbing; a sewer backup can also be indicated by something as seemingly minor as gurgling in your drain pipes. Many things can cause sewer backup. Flushing inappropriate items such as baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, or even a large mass of thick toilet paper can cause a clog that can’t be flushed out by water. Grease buildup can also be the culprit. Worst of all, the sewer pipe may collapse or be broken by invading tree roots underground.

The first step in repairing a sewer backup is to snake the drain so that water can drain out. The next step is to send a camera down the sewer line from inside your home or business, in order to locate and view the main cause of the sewer backup. If the clog is severe, a snake may not do the job; we may need to return with a high-pressure water jet to clear the line.

If your sewer line is broken or collapsed by tree roots or other causes, a rebuild of the line at the broken point is required. This can take up to three days. In some cases, excavation to get at the broken line can be avoided; sometimes we can line the pipe with an epoxy that could serve as a permanent patch for the line. This process can take a couple of days but can result in minimal damage to your yard or landscaping.

JS Home Services has been performing sewer maintenance and repair for over 17 years. We provide a one-year warranty on all main-drain repairs diagnosed with camera inspection. Best of all, we know that a backed-up sewer is an emergency, and we treat it as such.

Remember that we can install a backwater valve in your home; this will stop sewer water from backing up into your basement and causing flood damage.

When you have a sewer problem, call the experts at JS Home Services!

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